Star Citizen Planetary Landing Guide

This is a step by step tutorial for new Star Citizens: how to find the ship retrieval consoles, how to get to a destination and everything in between. To keep the visitor traffic I have left the name of the page unchanged but the contents has been replaced by the Guide to the Galaxy.

The Guide to the Galaxy

The Planetary Landing Guide is now the home page for the Guide to the Galaxy. The original guide was on one page and is now referenced by the contents list found below.

The Stanton solar system including the planets, moons, cities and outposts


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Have a Present or Two!

Printable keyboard controls
can be found here

Visit the Essential Keyboard Controls page to pick up

  • A scalable, printable PDF file containing
    • Flight controls
    • Avatar controls
    • Screenshot controls
    • Emotes
    • A VoiceAttack command set reminder
  • A VoiceAttack profile for voice control of Star Citizen
  • A freeware utility to collect screenshots and video.

The Flight Controls

The new controls make it possible to easily control a ship’s motion using just a mouse and keyboard. It’s a well thought out combination. The new keys are covered in the flight control guide, including how to squeeze some extra speed and combat overheating.

A Handy Solo Ship Guide

Solo Ship Guide

If you are flying around on your lonesome, you’ll need the Solo Ship Guide to make the best use of free-fly weekends and test waves.

You can get some instant buds by joining an available organisations here. A redacted organisation membership prevents others from knowing which organisation you are in. A Hidden membership hides your organisation from all.

Klescher Prison Map

On Reddit you can find a 8158×5430 map of the Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities on Aberdeen, created by Iyenrithe. The map contains the steps required for the escape route if you want to give that a try.

Save Disk Space

Instead of having both a Live and a PTU version of the game, move the Data.p4k file to the directory you are going to use:

  • C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\Live\
  • C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\Live\

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