Star Citizen Jumptown on Yela

Jumptown is where you used to be able to buy the drug Widow and sell on at one of the local mining establishments with a 70% profit margin..


I have finally managed to land there in one piece, but I only by visiting early in the morning in the real world when most of the trigger happy pilots were at work.

As with all the unmarked locations it’s been hard to make any headway in finding it. I had to cross-reference several videos and websites to put the landmarks together to even get close, then at the last minute, I get shot up without any proof I’m in the right location.

The initial angle of approach

Rotate your view of Yela so that the white peninsular is to the top left.

The landmarks become visible

To orient yourself, F+Mousewheel to zoom in as far as you can go. Using the snow islands (marked) in the foreground, find the notch in the distant ice field opposite the peninsula. The hills where Jumptown is located are in front of the notch within the marked ring.

At this distance the landmarks are clear

Still zoomed right in, the island landmark is to the lower left and the notch and hills are separate landmarks. You are heading to the end crater in the line of hills.

The Jumptown hill is at the end.

Now you are in the vicinity of Jumptown which is at the end of the line of hills. The actual crater you are looking for is at the base of the cross-hairs in the screenshot.

Jumptown is in the crater on the right of the peak