Star Citizen Area 18 on ArcCorp

Area 18 is the primary location on ArcCorp. Transit buses circulate between Area 18, the Spaceport and the Bevic Convention Center in both directions.

Flying over Area 18

The design of ArcCorp has benefitted from experience gained from building Lorville and in particular the spaceport is located 14 km away from Area 18 in order to lighten the load on player PCs.

Map of Area 18

If you wake up in an Area 18 Hab unit, you can find it marked in dark blue in the centre of the diagram below – it’s on one of the floors in Adira Falls. You will be able to see an external view of the building later on as you pass it in a transit shuttle on the way to Riker Memorial Spaceport.

Area 18 map
Area 18 on Arccorp – click to open

Map of Spaceport

Area 18 spaceport
Riker Memorial Spaceport on Arccorp – click to enlarge.

From an Area 18 Hab Unit to the Spaceport

  1. Exit the bed Y
  2. Move to the hab door W, rotating the mouse wheel to increase speed.
  3. Exit the hab unit and find the lift
  4. Go to the ground floor and exit Adira Falls
  5. Turn right and go forward into the passage
  6. Follow the passage into Zone 3
  7. At this point, if you want to visit the mission giver Tecia Pacheco, she will be on your left as shown on the map.
  8. For transit to the spaceport bear right and go under the Fizz advert
  9. Enter the City Flight building on the left
  10. There are two platforms available but you won’t be able to see which one will have the next arrival unless you visit them both.
  11. The shuttle will drop you off at the Spaceport which is fairly linear at the moment, so you can easily find the Fleet Management console.
  12. Retrieve your ship
  13. Continue onward behind the Fleet Management consoles to the elevator bays leading to the hangers.

Landing at Riker Memorial Spaceport

Area 18 landing area
The far end of the spaceport. To land you will need to head toward the central tower and submit a landing request via a dedicated comms channel.
Area 18 landing pads
The hangars at Riker Memorial Spaceport are located to the side and rear of the central tower.

Approach the Spaceport

  • From orbit, you can target Area 18 and use a short hyperjump to get you most of the way there.
  • Your HUD will be pointing at the Riker Memorial Spaceport which looks like a long red block just outside the cluster of skyscrapers in Area 18.
  • Approach to within a few thousand meters of the central tower.

Prepare to Land

  • Deploy your landing gear. It’s a good habit to get into since it will allow feedback markers to be visible to your HUD.
  • Use F1 to bring up the mobiGlas
  • Find the Comms button on the bottom left of the screen
  • Use the Contacts tab to locate the Landing Services comms, then click on its icon and wait for a response.
  • If you are not given landing permission its either because the landing pad you need is being used – try again in a minute or It’s a coding bug in the game.
  • You will be allocated a hangar which will be marked with a maintenance icon (a wrench).

Note: Hangars are may be below ground with overhead doors or in the side of the building with side opening doors. The landing icon is always placed on the pad and this will be some distance from the entrance so the appearance can be misleading.


  • Ensure Cruise Control C is disengaged
  • Ensure Flight Assist V is engaged
  • Set the limiter to a low value using the mouse wheel
  • Approach your hangar at a high enough altitude to avoid the no-fly zone
  • Descend into the recess within the no-fly zone. If you have a side opening hangar, you should descend until you are level with the opening and then carefully enter.
  • If you have an overhead hangar, approach vertically to avoid the no-fly zone.
  • Land and use U to power down, I to turn engines off, Y to exit your seat

The screenshot shows what you will be faced with if you are given a side opening hangar. The thick orange HUD line markers the face of the building, the thinner lines are individual hangars. At this point, my ship was within the recess of the no-fly zone.

A side opening hangar

The Bevic Convention Center

The underpass for the outer ring of the Bevic Convention Centre

The Aerospace displays were held here in November 2019. It’s a large ring-shaped building connected by transit bus to the main centre and the Riker Memorial Spaceport.

The Bevic Convention Centre

A Favourite Location in Area 18

Area 18 favourite place
Area 18 Zone 2 with a transit shuttle flying over the bridge

You can spend a lot of time in this area just admiring the work that has gone into it. It’s a beautiful construction and although there might still be doubts that they will ever get this game to a finished state, what they have done is still quite gripping.

Better than I hoped for by a long, long way :0)

Area 18 Artwork

City Overview

Area 18 overview
High over Area 18 in one of the early test models.

Plaza Adverts

Area 18 adverts

The Fizz Advert

The original concept work shows a water bottle to the left of the central globe. The bottle was altered to be a can with streams of neon magenta fizz lines underneath. The final image shows particle generators positioned to make rain streaming down.

Area 18 adverts
The plaza with fog, lights, shadows & reflections


Area 18 props
Concept drawings for fast food stalls
Area 18 artist jake taylor
Fast food stalls are worked from concept drawings into models

Shop Construction

Tecia Pacheco

Tecia Pacheco played by actress Katrina Nare

Area 18
Tecia Pacheco
Area 18
Actress Katrina Nare