Star Citizen Grim Hex at Yela

Grim Hex, also known as the Green Imperial Housing Exchange, is a facility built into a large rock in the rings of Yela, a moon of Crusader.

A Map of Grim Hex

Looking for a Hacking Chip?

A hacking chip is required to open the Crime Stat terminal at Kareah

If you have a Crime Stat that you want to remove, you can do this at Security Post Kareah. You will need a hacking chip to bypass the security lock on the Crime Stat console, and you can buy one of these at the store behind the stairs in the Main Concourse/Lower floor of Grim Hex.

From Hab Unit to Fleet Management Consoles

Grim Hex, Yela
  • Once the location has loaded, you’ll be in bed looking up at the ceiling.
  • Press Y to get out of bed.
  • Press W to approach the door.
  • Rotate the mouse wheel to change walking speed. Press
  • F to enable interaction with the door and click the left mouse button to initiate interaction and select Open
  • From outside the sleeping quarters find a staircase and descend to the next level.
A view of the concourse and an elevator as seen from hab level.
  • Go down a few more steps to find two elevators facing each near an entrance to a bar.
  • Summon a lift
  • When the doors open, make sure you are not walking into an open shaft. If so, summon the other lift which should be OK.
  • In the elevator select the Landing Pads level.
  • Outside the lift door, you will find a row of ship retrieval consoles.
Ship retrieval consoles at Grim Hex
The ship retrieval consoles

Hab Postcard

Occasionally you will wake in a hab unit that has a postcard pinned to the wall (left). The picture looks too sophisticated to be made just for that purpose, it was much more likely to have been utilised from existing artwork. It turns out to be the concept artwork on the right: Goss II Cassel Approach (2013, artist unknown) .

hab card & painting

Hab Art

I found one or two empty habs at Grim Hex with a proliferation of beautiful litter in them. The models, textures and graphics that make up this artwork are top-notch and it’s definitely worth finding it yourself. Ironically, the rubbish here costs tens of thousands of pounds to create!

Note: When I got out of bed I discovered there was a dude still in there (let’s hope it’s some kind of a bug – shudder).

The owner seems to be trying to dream up an advert for noodles and he’s using the tag line ‘Brainless – Use Your Noodle’. These are really nice sketches and stencilled test sprays although the spraying was done on a wall from the bed. It’s easy to overlook how well the hab units are designed.

The Zero-G Exits

The Zero-G Bay

Internal Approach

You can get to the zero-g area internally by going to the lower floor then out through the store or bar as shown in the map. You can then fly down the height of the bay to the external entrance and make your way back up the asteroid wall to the landing pads and back into Grim Hex.

Video of External Entrance from a Ship

Here is a video of the ship retreating from the entrance then moving up the face of the asteroid to bring the Grim Hex landing pads into view.

External Approach on Foot

To locate the zero-g area externally, approach Grim Hex to land looking at the main buildings. The entrance is on your left and downward, hidden from view around the side of the asteroid.

The doors to the bay area are open and you can use your suit thrusters to fly straight in through one of the doors. From there you can then fly up to the top floor and find a pressure lock leading out to the lower floor of Grim Hex (the concourse) via a bar or store depending on which fork you take.

Get out and jump off the landing pads on your left then navigate down the side of the rock face using your suit thrusters.

The Zero-G Exit at the Consoles Level

The landing pads level which at one end leads to a damaged corridor (refer to the map).

On the upper level where the ship retrieval consoles are located, go to the far end (as shown above). You will find an airlock leading into a damaged corridor that opens out into twisted metal and the void of space.

Grim Hex, also known as the Green Imperial Housing Exchange, is a facility built into a large rock in the rings of Yela, a moon of Crusader.
On the ship consoles level, there is an airlock leading out into space. This is the view look back towards the airlock.
The entrance to the side of the asteroid

The Zero-G Rat-Run Video