Free Presets: Floyd’s Epic Clouds

A cloud pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator featuring 6 majestic Big Cloud variants to fill your landscapes to the horizon.

Updated to Version 1.2

Sim update 9 changed the cloud tech slightly, making things look a little worse for the Epic Clouds. Version 1.2 has been adapted to the new environment, and the feedback so far has been very good.

What’s Wrong with the Ones Provided?

The new live weather from Asobo is a major improvement over the original system but the live weather doesn’t always give you what you want, necessarily. If you want something scenic Floyd’s Epic Clouds can provide mountainously high cloudscapes that have been sculpted to give around 30% cloud cover with swathes of open air in between to provide shadows and light at ground level.

videos featuring the epic clouds

How to Get the Best Out of the Presets

Floyd’s Epic Clouds can only be fully appreciated by getting high enough to see to the horizon. When you get that far you can see that the clouds are casting big shadows but are leaving large open areas as well. This contrast often increases the colour range for mountain peaks and fields exposed to the sun. Some of the clouds have drizzling mist and rain beneath them if you would like a temporary change of environment. Nice!

While getting to know them, go to 15,000 feet and adjust the time of day to sunrise, noon and sunset. Different presets will suit you over plains and mountains and at different times of the day. When you have settled in you will be able to appreciate the extra nuances that an Epic Cloud can have in a less dramatic setting.

Finally, if you don’t like one setting, try another and/or alter the lighting for it – however, they are all variations on a theme and are not supposed to be wildly different from one another.

How to Install the Presets

You install in the same way as other addons:

  • Download the file and unzip it
  • Put the ‘Floyds Epic Clouds v1.0’ folder into your community folder
  • Restart the sim
  • The presets can be found in the Weather presets list

How to Uninstall the Presets

You uninstall in the same way as other addons:

  • Move the ‘Floyds Epic Clouds v1.0’ folder out your community folder
  • Restart the sim
  • The presets will no longer be in the Weather presets list.

Download Here

Believe it or not, I have been tinkering with these presets for a couple of months! I upgraded them to cloud tech v1.4 for better control of cloud density and fluffier clouds just before the first release :o)

Joni Mitchell: Clouds

2000 (57)

Rows and floes of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

A Study of the Results

This screenshot (right) is one for the scrap book: showing occupation of the ‘Featured’ section, the ‘Trending Right Now’ section (the third time back on top) and the ‘This Week’s Best’ section. Something to be pleased about.

I didn’t anticipate getting reviewed by YouTubers, so that was a surprise and here they are:

  1. EasyJetSimPilot – “Epic New Clouds Released for MSFS 2020”
    This reviewer understands what they are all about :o)
  2. Pie in the Sky Tours – “New Cloud Mod!”
    A positive reviewer who correctly relayed what to do :o)
  3. Pilot Studd – “Epic Clouds!”
    A positive review although he did get stuck in a cloud at one point :o)
  4. Overkill Simulations – “Better Clouds?? Awesome Addon”
    This reviewer didn’t use the guidance notes :o(

After release 1.1 the Clouds entered the Trending Now section for the 4th time after 1000+ were downloaded in 24 hours. That was a quick response.


  • Downloads: 9586 at the time of measurement.
    • No comment: 9542 (99.54%)
    • Comments: 44 (0.46%)
      • Positive comments: 28 (64%, 0.29%)
      • Neutral comments: 11 (25%, 0.11%)
      • Negative comments: 5 (11%, 0.05%)


  • The presets didn’t improve the Live Weather system
    Basically my work was being used to complain about the live weather system. It took a while to figure that out since the two don’t have a lot to do with each other and I didn’t expect to have someone give me a bad rating because the work was good.
  • The preset images didn’t show what to expect
    The presets are supposed to be similar and were using the same type of logic that Asobo is using (i.e. amount of cloud cover). Eventually I was able to figure out how to add preset images that help a little bit more and look pleasant but they don’t fit with the default list any more.
  • The original installation instructions were confusing
    I agree. I did a copy and paste from the complaint and that worked fine in all but 1 case :0)

It doesn’t seem right that 0.05% of the downloaders can negatively influence the total rating as much as they do. I think the silent majority needs to be taken into account as a positive influence somehow.

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