Floyds Alpine Odyssey

Floyds Alpine Odyssey is a 1000 mile glider route through the Alps starting at the Southern coast of France and ending in Eastern Austria. The route is broken into 10 stages so you can tackle it one day at a time.

Alpine Odyssey

Floyds Alpine Odyssey starts at the South coast of France and ends in Eastern Austria, a total of nearly 1000 miles. The route is divided into 10 stages so you can tackle it one day at a time.

The Route

The Alpine Odyssey and practice routes require the use of the Floyds Southerlies presets containing 18 kts, 14 kts and 10 kts wind speeds. The other presets are there as a convenience for any route you decide after you have completed the Odyssey.


Practice routes are included in case this is your first time in a glider, or you want to use the AS-33Me but haven’t tried it out yet. The instruments you will use most are described to eliminate the learning curve.

But if you already have a favourite glider, the weather presets will help.

Weather Presets

The weather presets include 3 different wind speeds so you can match the wind to your preference and glider.

All presets carry the same (beautiful) translucent clouds that combine to provide different micro environments to fly in, but there is plenty of open sky too. The landscape has been given a trace of snow to decorate the colder peaks and valleys and the ambient temperature is 10 °C, so water ballast will not freeze.



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