How to Remove an Oven Door for Cleaning

It’s much easier to clean an oven if you remove the door, it’s simple when you know how. Here is the general method that works with many oven makes.

Before you start, prepare a surface that you can put the door onto once it has been removed. You might need some padding to avoid damage.

Locate the Hinge

An oven hinge with a closed clip on top

Swing the Clip Fully Open

Open the oven door and take a look at one of the hinges. Mine has a clip built into the hinge, here it is in the ‘closed’ position and you can see it has a rivet to allow it to rotate and behind a small projection to limit the rotation.

Pull the clip open and move it back to its end stop.

Capture the Clip with the Oven Door

Once the clip is fully open the next step is to raise the door in order to capture the clip in it’s newly opened configuration. It will lock into place in the door.

The oven door – removed and with the captured hinge clip in place.

Pull the Hinges Out of the Oven Body

With the hinge clip locked into place, lift the door slightly to relieve any pressure on the hinge then gently jiggle and pull the door until the hinges are released from the main body.

The vacant hinge slots on the main body of the oven.
The oven with its door removed is much easier to clean.

To Reconnect the Door

In order to replace the door, position the door hinges back into the oven body and push into place. When you have it in place you can lower the door and this will release the hinge clip. Rotate the clip to rest flat on the top of the hinge as seen in earlier photos.

A Video Guide

Here is a video guide made by Fred in the Shed that goes through the steps.