MSFS: A Better Community Folder

The default location of the MSFS community folder can be changed to a much more accessible location for easy access at all times.

A Better Location

If you were to create an C:\MSFS folder you can relocate your community folder, packages folder and any libraries you use to this easy location.

Microsoft Flight Simulator app and data distribution
The controller settings and profile stats are stored on Microsoft servers.
Graphics settings are reset when the packages path is altered.

The Quick Method

  1. Shut down MSFS if it is running
  2. Create the new folder structure on C:
    • C:\MSFS
    • C:\MSFS\Community
    • C:\MSFS\Official
    • C:\MSFS\Cache
    • C:\MSFS\Cache\Manual
    • C:\MSFS\Cache\Rolling
  3. Move the following folders over:
    • Move your saved Community and Official folders into the Packages folder.
    • Move your manual and rolling cache files into the Cache folder.
  4. Edit your UserCfg.opt file with notepad
    • Scroll to the last line in the files
    • Replace the destination like this: InstalledPackagesPath “C:\MSFS”
    • Save the file
    • Restart MSFS
  5. When you are next asked where to install an update type C:\MSFS

The Slow Method

It might be better to delete and reinstall the core part of MSFS so it will ask you where to put the packages during its first launch. The core MSFS files are about 1 GB in size and so wont take too long to replace on an average broadband link.

  1. Ensure you have already moved the packages and cache files as described previously before you continue.
  2. Uninstall MSFS
  3. Reinstall MSFS
  4. Start the sim.
  5. Data will be synced, meaning that all the configurations for your controllers are being retrieved.
  6. You will now be offered the chance to choose your packages path, so you can select the packages folder you created above. Microsoft Flight Sim will check for updates by scanning the directories. If all goes well, it will find all the packages you moved from the original installation and MSFS will decide that no downloads are required.
  7. Microsoft Flight Sim will now go to its home screen.
  8. Open ‘Options > General > Data’ and set the rolling cache path to the new location.
  9. Select ‘view the manual cache’ and set its cache file location as necessary.
  10. Open ‘Options > General > Graphics’ and set your options as required.
  11. All done – now you can reach the community folder easily.