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Paintings by LFD

LFD Paintings

Here are a selection of some of the artwork I have created over the years. More recently I've been working on website articles and creating music ...
Track Mastering for Dummies

Track Mastering for Dummies

This article will help musicians understand the technical aspects of mastering and provide the steps to master their own tracks to a reasonable level ...
How to write an essay

How to Structure an Essay

Students - make more time for your flourishing social life by simply doing a great job with that essay the first time around ...
basic orchid care for beginners

Basic Orchid Care for Noobs

If you have an orchid but don't know the first thing about how to look after it, this article will help you to get to the first level of basic care ...
Ichor by BeQuiet

Ichor by BeQuiet

A superb track by Be Quiet. A work of art, excellent video and production, made with authentic heart. Well worth spending some time to check it out ...
Emily Says

Emily Says

No one wants to die, Emily's story unfolds in the garden of a space station in orbit around Earth in the not so distant future ...