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orbital cycles

The Climactic Effects of Earth’s Orbital Cycles

There are three orbital features that combine to shape the Earth's natural climate cycles, known as the Milankovitch cycles ...
Investment fees trap

The Investment Fee Trap

If you are considering investing for the first time, you may not be aware of how large apparently small fees can be over time ...
Paintings by LFD

LFD Paintings

Here are a selection of some of the artwork I have created over the years. More recently I've been working on website articles and creating music ...
How to Remove an Oven Door for Cleaning

How to Remove an Oven Door for Cleaning

It's much easier to clean an oven if you remove the door, it's simple when you know how. Here is the general method that works with many oven makes ...
Cell World: Cell and Plants Animation

Cell World: Cell and Plants Animation

The first two stages in the development of an evolution sim called Cell World. Cells move independently and plants radiate out from a point source ...
Emily Says

Emily Says

No one wants to die, Emily's story unfolds in the garden of a space station in orbit around Earth in the not so distant future ...