This is How it Ends

This is a song I created a few years ago now, followed by adding this cheesy video. I should create a better video for it and add the remastered audio. If you want to listen to a better version of it, follow the link under blueGene Songs.

This is How it Ends

You’ve thought about it now and then
Lately, it’s been on your mind again
After all you’ve done, it’s still the same
You know that in the end, you’ll be to blame

Driving through the night and through the rain
There’s no-one at the door so you go in
The shadows find you creeping down the hall
So quietly you gather up your things

Though you’d like to burn it to the ground
You tidy up and then you look around
This lifeless corpse has never been your friend
You’ve had enough of this, this is the end

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