Star Citizen Rest Stops

Rest Stops (aka Truck Stops) are space stations at lagrange points provide fuel, maintenance, shopping and trading facilities.

Where Are They

There are Rest Stop stations positioned at Lagrange points throughout the Stanton system and for smaller ships, these will be a necessary refuelling waypoint.

The newer Rest Stops are larger and are having their interiors expanded.

A Lagrange point is a location which has a balanced, neutral gravitational pull. Satellites in those locations will stay in place relative to their parent planet. The Rest Stops are marked with names such as HUR L1 and CRU L1 derived from the parent planet and the Lagrange point at which they sit.

a typical Rest Stop in the Stanton system sometimes referred to as a truck stop.

Landing at a Rest Stop

Just like other landing locations, you will need to request permission to land using the mobiGlass F1 and the comms panel. You must be inside the station’s Armistice zone to be able to see its comms channel in the mobiGlas.

A Drake Cutlass on a Rest Stop landing pad. Note that the Rest & Relax logo makes an upward pointing arrow relative to the pad. As usual, the branding looks really authentic.

Once you have obtained landing permission, the landing icon will be visible through the underside of a pad and through the station if it’s on the other side. The best way to avoid confusion is to approach a station from above.

As you approach a station you can orient yourself to land at the rest stop by looking for the large Rest and Relax sign rotating at the top of the structure. It’s visible from quite a distance away so you can orient yourself for landing as soon as it comes into view.

When you don’t ask permission to land

On my last visit, I found a player docked on a landing pad being hammered repeatedly by the auto gun turrets. It went on for several minutes but the ship stayed in one piece. This is what you can expect if you don’t ask permission.

Repair & Refuelling

You should refer to the original article for the full run-down on refuel and maintenance.

Refuel & repair

You can access the repair and refuel options directly from the landing pad via the mobiGlass as soon as you have touched down. They can be a little unpredictable about what’s available so you’d do well to check your fuel before you leave your start point.

Rest Stop Artwork

Ship retrieval consoles with the R&R logo painted onto the floor and dark red metal floor panels catching the light.
The interior of a rest stop with a neon signs and graphics.

The lighting, advertising boards, posters and holographic brand names give the locations a lot of atmosphere and you can spend a fair amount of time admiring the artistry in the construction and design.

The holographic signs are an interesting addition to the physical versions.

The holographic signs make the location futuristic and are nicely grounded by the functional structures and plants. The mix of colours in the darkened spaces works well. If you were to visit and see a close-up view, you would see the colourful gloss highlights on the handrails and pipework.

The image below shows a detail of the UEE ‘Citizens Are Watching’ poster in a Rest Stop. Not only is the original graphic an excellent piece of artwork in its own right, but the setting in the Rest Stop adds its own real-world impact to the design due to the effect of the local lighting on surface materials.

A detail of the Citizens Are Watching poster.

Specifically, in the light reflecting off of the gloss surface to the left of the eye, you can see an embossed texture. This appears to be the texture of the wall on which the poster is bonded – that’s an awesome detail, and you can see it a lot more clearly on location. The pupil of the eye in the image has UEE branding built into it – a nice touch.

A flight departures board

The flight departures board gives some indication of how detailed this game might get in the future. It would be nice to see a few of the entries on the departures list coincide with a regular Rest Stop shuttle system, or else to match with the arrival and departure of the visiting player-controlled ships. The boards do update over time using a repeating loop.

The names and font make great visuals and are just right. Two names on the list that stood out for me are New York and Shanghai.

Rest Stops Updates

Version 3.8 will bring with it more variety in the layouts which in some cases have increased by a factor of 4. You can also see that the upstairs level of the example screenshot below, there is a large version of an ‘annunciator’ panel in the wall. Annunciator panels will be used in the cockpit of a ship to relay status information to the pilot.

Rest Stops will increase in size by a factor of 4.

Here is an example of a Rest-Stop building block with standard 12m connector sections leaving holes in the walls. These could be filled with corridors, shops or blanking plates using a method not too dissimilar to the cave generation technique.

The ceiling is a void that can be filled in with various overlay textures that also defines a filter colour for the light coming in.

A room with an overlay applied.

This overlay features a holographic swirling water effect and a violet filter.

A greater sense of size is achieved by opening up the walls of the shopping areas so their contents become integrated into the scenes.

A Noodle bar
A Juice Bar, obviously. The holographic signs are a real winner for me every time. I guess you could overdo it though. Old tech paper posters are good too.

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