Star Citizen Port Olisar, Crusader

Port Olisar is a space station in orbit around Crusader where the majority of existing players have started from at one time or another.

From Hab Unit to Fleet Management Console

Press H to get out of bed. If the image below is what you are seeing, you are at Port Olisar.

Port Olisar, Crusader
  • Press W to approach the door.
  • Rotate the mouse wheel forward to increase the walking speed.
  • Press F+Mouse  to enable interaction with the door.
  • Once you exit the hab unit and you will be in a corridor of Deck 3.
  • Go to either end of the corridor to locate a staircase down to deck 1.
  • The closed-door with panel lights above it leads to the control room and it will open as you approach.
  • The ship retrieval monitors are on the circular desk in the centre of the room.
The ship-retrieval consoles at Port Olisar

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