Star Citizen Levski on Delamar

The Grand Barter can be found at Levski on Delamar. This article contains a map so you can find your way around.

From Hab Unit to Fleet Management Consoles

Levski, Delamar

This is one of the easiest locations to start in. If you wake up in the customs hab unit, when you exit the hab entrance the customs area will be on your right. Otherwise, your left.

The Fleet Management consoles are behind the customs area on the upper floor very close to the hab units.

Levski Map

The diagram shows the upper and lower levels of Grand Barter which is the focus of the location. The mission giver can be found at the Borehole Station. The Greycat mining tool can be found at Conciencious Objects in the upper level of Grand Barter.

Note: External air-locks can be found at the highest level (not shown on map)

Levski & Grand Barter – click to open

Visit the Grand Barter

The Grand Barter exudes the street level feel of the first Blade Runner film and it’s a great peace to wander around. If you are looking for the Greycat FPS mining tool, you can find it a Concientious Objects on the upper floor.

The original concept artwork for Grand Barter.

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