Star Citizen Hurston Outpost Biomes

The biomes on Hurston make a welcome change from the stark environments of its moons. The coastal biome has become a firm favourite.

HDMS Stanhope & Oparei

HDMS Stanhope & HDMS Oparei have savanna biomes. The trip from Stanhope to Oparei took a little less than 30 minutes to complete in an Aurora, so circumnavigating Hurston would take around 4 hours as a rough estimate.

On Hurston the atmosphere is 100km deep so for most locations further than 200km, it would probably be quicker to go into orbit and hyperdrive to a marked location rather than go overland.

Stanhope has a savanna biome with cacti and a wide range of interesting and attractive plant life that must have taken a long time to create and they appear to have been made with a lot of care.

HDMS Stanhope island biome

A short hop from Stanhope is an Island which has a different feel and specialised coastal plants which are well worth visiting. The range of colour and textures on the rocks and pebbles is a treat to see if you are into geology.

My personal favourite is this damp rubbery plant that resembles seaweed. Its very nicely sculpted and the mix of live and dead tissue with the textures is for me at least a rather beautiful piece of work.

HDMS Stanhope island biome

Oparei has an mix of trees and shrubs that are more suitable for the countryside location and these certainly make a bit of light relief from the rock landscapes that are more prevalent.

This is a 3 minute video of the trip to Stanhope and Oparei.

HDMS Ishmael

(Note: HDSF-Zacharias has a similar structure)

HDMS Ishmael is an interesting underground facility set upon a hill on Hurston surrounded by vegetation and trees. I foolishly climbed up onto the structure and got stuck in the pipework for about 20 minutes.

The entrance to HDMS Ishmael, an underground facility on a verdant hill on Hurston

The entrance is damaged and suggests that the facility has been abandoned, but once you get below you will find working machinery and other intriguing things.

The HDMS Ishmael biome looking tranquil.
Looking outside from the entrance to HDMS Ishmael
HDMS Ishmael underground facility

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