Star Citizen How to Join the PTU

The Public Test Universe (PTU) is a game environment on a separate server used to test release builds. This is how you join in. Depending on confidence in the code, there may be several levels of restricted access before backers (players with a ship package) are invited to join.

The Access Sequence

This may have changed since the last time I did it, in which case you can send me any significant changes using the feedback below.

Open Your Account

  • Got to the RSI Website at
  • Clear away the ‘Discover Our Universe’ overlay if there is one
  • Log In
    • On a wide enough browser, at the top right is the Account menu item. Click on that to log in.
    • On a narrow browser at the top right will be the text ‘RSI’, click on that to reveal a drop-down menu and click on the Account entry at the bottom of the list to log in.
  • The account bar changes colour from amber to green, click on Account again to open it up.

Copy Your Account to the PTU

  • Underneath your User ID Image, find and click the SETTINGS button and then MY ACCOUNT page will appear.
  • In MY ACCOUNT, click SETTINGS and lower half of the screen will show the options as a menu list at the left.
  • Click PUBLIC TEST UNIVERSE (the last item in the list)
  • Click Copy Account to PTU
    A green banner appears to tell you your account details are being transferred to the PTU server and you will be given a separate password and instructions via email.
  • Wait for the transfer confirmation email

Prime the PTU

Using links and password provided in the email in order:

  • Log in to using your usual username and the supplied PTU password from the email.
  • If necessary, download and install a new PTU Launcher using any links provided in the email.
  • Run the PTU launcher and log-in using your usual username and password.
  • Switch the PTU/LIVE option at the left of the launcher to PTU
  • Allow time for the Test PTU Launcher to identify missing games files, then install them.
  • You are good to go.
In My Account > Settings the left-hand pane is a list of items including the Public Test Universe. Select Copy Account to PTU

To save having more than one Data.p4k file on my system I transfer the LIVE Data.p4k file to the PTU folder and update from there. Updating time is shortened and I save 50 Gb of space. It means I can’t go back to the LIVE version easily, but I’m ok with that.

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