The Flightsim Hangar

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One small step for Asobo, one giant leap for sim fans.

MSFS Free Stuff

IL2 Sturmovik

For when you need to shoot stuff without picking up a manual.

X Plane 11

My trusty ol’ utility helped out here

Thanks to X-Plane for getting me into free flight in VR

X Plane 11 Free Stuff

War Thunder

Looking good: the Plagis’ Spitfire

My VR starting point with the Plagis’ Spitfire.


some obsessive behaviour by a VR enthusiast (i.e. me)


a great joystick but the tension is way too high to be comfortable

Sim equipment always seems to have some kind of a problem.


I’d like to say I missed these but I don’t :o)

Here are a few Flightsim related items.

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