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This article index contains all flight sim related content.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR

One small step for Asobo, one giant leap for sim fans.

How to Optimise MSFS for VR

An MSFS FlyingIron Spitfire Quick-Start Guide

Microsoft Flight Simulator Basics

How to Get MSFS VR Up & Running

How to Safely Load MSFS Updates

Voice Control for Gaming

MSFS Free Stuff

Floyds Epic Clouds

Floyds Alpine Odyssey

IL2 Sturmovik

For when you need to shoot stuff without picking up a manual.

IL-2 Sturmovik VR Modules
This article defines which modules work together and also include VR throughout.

X Plane 11

My trusty ol’ utility helped out here

Thanks to X-Plane for getting me into free flight in VR

A FlyingIron Spitfire Quick-Start Guide for X-Plane
Primarily made to help get the Spitfire moving on first use

A FlyingIron Spitfire Settings Utility for X-Plane
A free utility to set the Spitfire ready for use

X-Plane VR FPS Tips
A few things I learned after making Auto View Distance.

X Plane 11 Free Stuff

LFD’s Auto View Distance Utility for X-Plane
A free utility retrieves wasted FPS from the game engine

War Thunder

Looking good: the Plagis’ Spitfire

My VR starting point with the Plagis’ Spitfire.

How to Install the War Thunder Plagis Spitfire
A really good spitfire addon for a free VR game


some obsessive behaviour by a VR enthusiast (i.e. me)

Airports in the Alps for Pilots and Travellers
A quick reference map of alpine airports


a great joystick but the tension is way too high to be comfortable

Sim equipment always seems to have some kind of a problem.

The T16000M Joystick LED & Tension Mods
My take on the two well-known Thrustmaster mods

How to Re-Grease a Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle
The default grease literally holds back a better throttle

The Logitech G903 Wireless Mouse
How to remedy some of the G903’s many problems

G502 Mouse Rattle Fix
A brilliant mouse that rattles needs to be fixed

T-Flight HOTAS X Maintenance
How to re-grease the joystick to stop it from squeaking

VR with the Oculus Rift S
Things I’ve learned with the Rift S


I’d like to say I missed these but I don’t :o)

Here are a few Flightsim related items.

Voice Control for Gaming
Ask your co-pilot to operate the controls

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Explained
NFTs are coming to gaming

A PC Build for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator
Some of the choices you might need to consider

Why Your Broadband Speed is Less Than Expected
The stated speed cannot be achieved, here’s why.

Choosing a Monitor for Gaming and Graphics
These monitors used to be polar opposites, but things are improving

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